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CMG image 06-07-2024 Bulletin 2024-52 Off Cycle Disaster Watchlist Update-Maryland.Michigan.Ohio.W Virginia Disaster Update-Texas
CMG image 06-06-2024 Bulletin 2024-51 Off Cycle Disaster Update-Arkansas
CMG image 06-05-2024 Bulletin 2024-50 Off Cycle Update to CMG Bulletin Update to 2024-49 IRS 4506ID Number Change
CMG image 06-04-2024 Bulletin 2024-49 Impt New IRS 4506-FHA Program Update-Disaster Update-Texas.Arkansas and Oklahoma-Disaster Watchlist-Texas
CMG image 05-30-2024 Bulletin 2024-48 Off Cycle Disaster Update-Texas-Flooding-Tornadoes
CMG image 05-28-2024 Bulletin 2024-47 Off Cycle Diaster Watchlist Update-Arkansas.Illinois.Iowa.Kentucky.Missouri.Oklahoma.Wisconsin
CMG image 05-28-2024 Bulletin 2024-46 Off Cycle Disaster Update- Iowa and Texas
CMG image 05-03-2024 Bulletin 2024-28 Disaster Update - Ohio
CMG image 04-17-2024 Bulletin 2024-26 Disaster Watchlist Update - Iowa (Tornado)
CMG image 04-16-2024 Bulletin 2024-25 USDA Conv Jumbo Series 6200 6200 AUS and 6600 Updates
CMG image 04-29-2024 Bulletin 2024-27 Disaster Watch List Update-Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma (Tornadoes)
CMG image 04-11-2024 Bulletin 2024-24 Off Cycle Disaster Watch List Update-Alabama, Louisiana and Texas
CMG image 04-08-2024 Bulletin 2024-23 Off Cycle CMG Loan Delivery Portal Update- Multifactor Authentication
CMG image 04-04-2024 Bulletin 2024-22 Off Cycle Disaster Watch List Revised-Georgia Tornadoes-Wind Damage
CMG image 04-03-2024 Bulletin 2024-21 USDA Program Updates- Disaster Watch List Updates-Georgia
CMG image 03-22-2024 Bulletin 2024-20 Disaster Update Maine and Rhode Island-Severe Storms
CMG image 03-20-2024 Bulletin 2024-19 USDA Program Updates- All In One Updates
CMG image 03-18-2024 Bulletin 2024-18 Off Cycle Disaster Update-Alaska (Mudslides)
CMG image 03-15-2024 Bulletin 2024-17 Disaster Watch List Update Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio
CMG image 03-13-2024 Bulletin 2024-16 HomeReady and HomePossible VLIP
CMG image 03-06-2024 Bulletin 2024-15 CMG Conventional Guideline Updates
CMG image 02-21-2024 Bulletin 2024-13 Conventional Guideline Updates- USDA Guideline Updates
CMG image 02-20-2024 Bulletin 2024-12 Off Cycle Disaster Update-California (Severe Storm and Flooding)
CMG image 02-13-2024 Bulletin 2024-11 Off Cycle Disaster Watchlist Update-Wisconsin (Tornado)
CMG image 02-07-2024 Bulletin 2024-10 6400 Series Flex Jumbo Updates
CMG image 02-06-2024 Bulletin 2024-09 Off Cycle Disaster Watchlist Update-Florida (Tornado)
CMG image 01-31-2024 Bulletin 2024-08 Off Cycle Disaster Update- Maine Flooding
CMG image 01-24-2024 Bulletin 2024-07 FHA Program Update 6400 Series -Flex Jumbo Update
CMG image 01-11-2024 Bulletin 2024-06 Off Cycle Disaster Watchlist Update-Alabama Florida and North Carolina
CMG image 01-10-2024 Bulletin 2024-05 Conventional Update-USDA Program Updates-6200 Premier and 6200 AUS Premier Jumbo Program Updates- 6600 Expanded Jumbo Updates
CMG image 01-09-2024 Bulletin 2024-04 Disaster Watchlist Update- Florida and Louisiana (Tornadoes)
CMG image 01-05-2024 Bulletin 2024-03 Disaster Watchlist Update- California (Possible Flooding) Additional Counties Added
CMG image 01-03-2024 Bulletin 2024-02 VA Announces FHFA 2024 Conforming Loan Limits- Conventional Updates
CMG image 01-02-2024 Bulletin 2024-01 Off Cycle Disaster Watch List Update- California-Possible Flooding-Disaster Update Tennessee Tornadoes Addtl Counties Added

CMG image 12-27-2023 Bulletin 2023-78 Conventional Updates
CMG image 12-14-2023 Bulletin 2023-77 Off Cycle Disaster Update-Tennessee Tornadoes
CMG image 12-11-2023 Bulletin 2023-76 Off Cycle Disaster Watchlist Update -Alabama-Kentucky-Tennessee
CMG image 11-29-2023 Bulletin 2023-75 FHFA 2024 Loan Limits Announced
CMG image 11-29-2023 Bulletin 2023-74 VA Program Update
CMG image 11-28-2023 Bulletin 2023-73 Disaster Update-Illinois
CMG image 11-22-2023 Bulletin 2023-72 FHA Guidelines Updates- Fannie Mae LTV Increase
CMG image 11-08-2023 Bulletin 2023-71 Conventional Guideline Updates
CMG image 11-01-2023 Bulletin 2023-70 FHA Guidelines Updates - Conventional Guideline Updates
CMG image 10-25-2023 Bulletin 2023-69 Conventional Guideline Update
CMG image 10-11-2023 Bulletin 2023-68 Conventional Guideline Update
CMG image 10-11-2023 Bulletin 2023-67 Off Cycle New Conforming Loan Limits 2024
CMG image 10-04-2023 Bulletin 2023-66 Conv Guidelines Updates USDA Program Updates AIO Updates
CMG image 10-03-2023 Bulletin 2023-65 Off Cycle Govt Shutdown Avoided
CMG image 09-29-2023 Bulletin 2023-64 Off Cycle Impact of Govt Shutdown
CMG image 09-27-2023 Bulletin 2023-63 Reminder-Correspondent Trailing Documents + Trailing Final Document Transmittal
CMG image 09-20-2023 Bulletin 2023-62 USDA Annual Lapse in Funding and Subject To Conditional Commitments
CMG image 09-13-2023 Bulletin 2023-61 Off Cycle Disaster Update-Florida Hurricane Idalia
CMG image 09-11-2023 Bulletin 2023-60 Off Cycle Disaster Update-Georgia Hurricane Idalia
CMG image 09-07-2023 Bulletin 2023-59 FHA Waviers Requirement
CMG image 09-06-2023 Bulletin 2023-58 Off Cycle Disaster Update-Florida- New Counties Added
CMG image 09-01-2023 Bulletin 2023-57 Off Cycle AIO Program Code and Guideline Updates
CMG image 09-01-2023 Bulletin 2023-56 Off Cycle Disaster Update-Florida
CMG image 08-30-2023 Bulletin 2023-55 PLS Addendum Update-Project Income Updates-Conventional Guideline Updates
CMG image 08-29-2023 Bulletin 2023-54 Off Cycle Disaster Watch List- Colorado- Iowa- Florida
CMG image 08-25-2023 Bulletin 2023-53 Off Cycle Disaster Update-Alaska
CMG image 08-23-2023 Bulletin 2023-52 Reminder-AIO Guidelines Updates-Conventional Guideline Updates- Premier Jumbo 6200 Updates
CMG image 08-21-2023 Bulletin 2023-51 Off Cycle Disaster Watch List California
CMG image 08-18-2023 Bulletin 2023-50 Off Cycle All In One Guideline Updates- Disaster Declared Illinois
CMG image 08-16-2023 Bulletin 2023-49 Conventional Guidelines Update
CMG image 08-15-2023 Bulletin 2023-48 Off Cycle Disaster Update-Alabama and Michigan
CMG image 08-11-2023 Bulletin 2023-47 Disaster Update-Hawaii
CMG image 08-10-2023 Bulletin 2023-46 Off Cycle Disaster Update-Hawaii
CMG image 08-09-2023 Bulletin 2023-45 Disaster Watchlist - Massachusetts
CMG image 08-09-2023 Bulletin 2023-44 Conventional Guideline Update-6400 Series Flex Jumbo Update
CMG image 08-08-2023 Bulletin 2023-43 Disaster Watch List Update- PA and Tenn
CMG image 07-31-2023 Bulletin 2023-41 Disaster Update Vermont
CMG image 07-19-2023 Bulletin 2023-40 Important Reminder- CMG Name Change in DO Sponsorship
CMG image 07-19-2023 Bulletin 2023-39 Reminder-CMG Name Change in DO Sponsorship
CMG image 07-14-2023 Bulletin 2023-38 Off Cycle - Disaster Watchlist Multiple States
CMG image 07-05-2023 Bulletin 2023-37 CMG Name Change in DO Sponsorship-PLS Investment and Second Home Addendum Update
CMG image 06-28-2023 Bulletin 2023-36 CMG Jumbo Express Series Guideline Updates
CMG image 06-21-2023 Bulletin 2023-35 Halal Program Update - PLS Addendum Update-Conventional Update - AIO 801-MBI Series-AIO 3 and 5 year WAB Suspended
CMG image 06-13-2023 Bulletin 2023-34 Off-Cycle AIO 3 and 5 Year Fixed and 801 WAB Programs Suspended
CMG image 05-18-2023 Bulletin 2023-33 Reminder- FHFA Rescinds LLPA for DTI - Conv Guideline Updates
CMG image 05-12-2023 Bulletin 2023-32 Off Cycle FHFA Rescinds Proposed LLPA for DTI Ratios
CMG image 05-11-2023 Bulletin 2023-31 Disaster Update Oklahoma
CMG image 05-03-2023 Bulletin 2023-30 Conv Guideline Updates-FHA-VA Manufac Home Addendum Update-Disaster-Florida
CMG image 04-26-2023 Bulletin 2023-29 VA Guideline Update
CMG image 04-25-2023 Bulletin 2023-28 Off Cycle Disaster List Update-Oklahoma
CMG image 04-19-2023 Bulletin 2023-27 Conventional Guideline Update - Disaster Update-Indiana
CMG image 04-12-2023 Bulletin 2023-26 Temporary Buydowns- Conventional Appraisal Modernization-USDA Guidelines Updates
CMG image 04-10-2023 Bulletin 2023-25 Off Cycle Disaster List Updates- Tennessee Severe Weather
CMG image 04-06-2023 Bulletin 2023-24 Disaster Update California
CMG image 04-05-2023 Bulletin 2023-23 6200 Series-6400 Series and Jumbo Express Updates
CMG image 04-03-2023 Bulletin 2023-22 Disaster List Update-Arkansas and Mississippi
CMG image 03-23-2023 Bulletin 2023-21 Disaster list update -Arkansas
CMG image 03-23-2023 Bulletin 2023-20 Off Cycle CMG Lockdesk Announcement-LLPA for DTI
CMG image 03-02-2023 Bulletin 2023-19 FHA MIP Reduction
CMG image 02-28-2023 Bulletin 2023-18 Disaster List Update-Illinois and Oklahoma
CMG image 02-23-2023 Bulletin 2023-17 Correction-Conventional LLPA Updates- Disaster Update-California
CMG image 02-22-2023 Bulletin 2023-16 Reminder- LLPA Updates- Conventional Guidelines-Clarification-New URLA-SCIF
CMG image 02-21-2023 Bulletin 2023-15 Conventional LLPA Updates
CMG image 02-16-2023 Bulletin 2023-14 Disaster Update-Arkansas
CMG image 02-15-2023 Bulletin 2023-13 Conventional Guideline Updates
CMG image 02-13-2023 Bulletin 2023-12 Disaster Update- Georgia
CMG image 02-01-2023 Bulletin 2023-11 AIO 801 MBI Product Updates- Disaster Updates- Alabama and California
CMG image 01-30-2023 Bulletin 2023-10 Disaster Update- California (Storms and Flooding)
CMG image 01-27-2023 Bulletin 2023-09 Disaster Update-Texas and Louisiana Tornadoes
CMG image 01-26-2023 Bulletin 2023-08 Disaster Update-Texas and Louisiana Tornadoes
CMG image 01-25-2023 Bulletin 2023-07 Disaster Update-Texas and Louisiana Tornadoes
CMG image 01-25-2023 Bulletin 2023-06 FHA Program Updates- Disaster Update-California Storms and Flooding
CMG image 01-20-2023 Bulletin 2023-05 Off-Cycle Disaster Update-California Storms and Flooding
CMG image 01-19-2023 Bulletin 2023-04 Off Cycle Disaster Update- California Storms and Flooding
CMG image 01-18-2023 Bulletin 2023-03 Off-Cycle Disaster Update - Georgia Severe Weather
CMG image 01-18-2023 Bulletin 2023-02 Disaster Update-CA Storms and Flooding-AL Tornadoes- USDA Guideline Updates
CMG image 01-11-2023 Bulletin 2023-01 6200 6200AUS and 6600 Series Program Updates- All In One Reminder-MBI Insurance Requirements

CMG image 12-29-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-70 Conv Guide Updates-FHA Updates- Jumbo Express Updates
CMG image 12-21-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-69 Disaster-Update California (Earthquake)
CMG image 12-21-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-68 6400 Series Flex Jumbo- Conv Updates Florida- Update Conv Guidelines- FHA Updates
CMG image 12-14-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-67 Disaster Update - Texas and Louisiana - Tornado
CMG image 12-14-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-66 VA Circular 26-22-17 - USDA Handbook Updates - Reminder - Income Validation Policy
CMG image 12-07-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-65 Lock Desk Agency LLPA Changes - VA Loan Limits
CMG image 12-02-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-64 Loan Limit Changes 2023 - All In One Updates
CMG image 11-16-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-63 Conventional Guideline Updates
CMG image 11-14-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-62 Disaster Update-Florida Hurricane
CMG image 11-10-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-61 6400 Series-Flex Jumbo-Disaster List Update Florida Hurricane
CMG image 11-02-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-60 Manufactured Homes Less Than 1 Yr- Update Corr Sellers Guide
CMG image 10-28-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-59 Conforming Loan Limit Reduction
CMG image 10-26-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-58 USDA Fiscal Year 2023 SFH Guaranteed Fund Now Available
CMG image 10-19-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-57 Conventional Guideline Update
CMG image 10-17-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-56 Disaster Update-Florida Hurricane
CMG image 10-10-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-53 Disaster Update-Florida Hurricane
CMG image 10-12-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-55 Disaster Update- Florida Hurricane
CMG image 10-12-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-54 Conventional Guidelines Update- USDA Guideline Update-6400 Series-Flex Jumbo Guideline Update
CMG image 10-06-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-52 - Disaster Update-Florida and DAIR Requirements
CMG image 10-05-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-51 - Disaster Update- Florida and South Carolina
CMG image 09-30-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-50 - Disaster Update Florida and South Carolina
CMG image 09-29-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-49 - Disaster Update-Florida Hurricane
CMG image 09-28-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-48 - Conventional Program Updates- Reminder VA Seasoning Requirements
CMG image 09-27-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-47 - Disaster Update- Florida Hurricane
CMG image 09-26-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-46 - Disaster List Update-Florida Hurricane
CMG image 09-26-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-45 - Disaster List Update-Florida Hurricane
CMG image 09-21-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-44 - Updated-Income Validation Policy
CMG image 09-14-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-43 - Reminder-Conventional Loan Limits Increase- USDA Annual Lapse in Funding-Retiring JumboA and Jumbo Solar
CMG image 09-12-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-42 - Conventional Loan Limit Increase
CMG image 09-07-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-41 - All In One (AIO) Guideline Updates
CMG image 09-06-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-40 - Disaster List Update- Arizona (Severe Storms)
CMG image 08-24-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-39 Disaster List Update - Texas
CMG image 08-10-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-38 - Reminder-FHA-VA Amendatory Clause-Escape Clause
CMG image 08-08-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-37 Disaster List Update-Kentucky
CMG image 08-04-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-36 Disaster Update- Kentucky and Montana Update-6400 Series Flex Jumbo
CMG image 07-27-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-35 Conventional Reminder Self Employed Income-Update Rent Payment History- FHA Validity Date Update
CMG image 07-06-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-34 VA Updates - Wood Destroying Pest Fees and Home Repairs
CMG image 06-16-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-33 Pricing INFO- CMG PLS Second Homes and Investment Property Program
CMG image 06-15-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-32 VOE and VOI Verification- 2022 Income Limits for Single Family Housing Guaranteed
CMG image 06-08-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-31 Conventional Program Updates
CMG image 06-01-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-30 New Product Release-CMG PLS-Mortgagee Clause Update-Fannie ANSI
CMG image 05-25-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-29 Conv Program Updates- Mortgagee Clause Update-Reminder- Impacted Areas Tornado MI and SC
CMG image 05-18-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-28 Temporary Revisions- USDA Guidelines
CMG image 05-13-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-27 Disaster Update South Dakota
CMG image 05-12-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-26 Disaster List Update-North Carolina
CMG image 05-11-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-25 RefiNow and RefiPossible Updates- Suspension of Medical Professional Program
CMG image 05-09-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-24 Disaster List Update- North Carolina (Tornado)
CMG image 05-06-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-23 Medical Professional Loan Program Suspended
CMG image 05-05-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-22 Disaster List Update-New Mexico (Fires)
CMG image 05-04-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-21 New Product-Halal Financing- 6200 Series Updates- 6200AUS Series Updates- Temporary 4506 Audit Exception
CMG image 04-27-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-20 New Product-Adding ARMs to Expanded Jumbo 6600 Series
CMG image 04-21-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-19 Disaster Update Arizona and Mexico Fires
CMG image 04-21-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-18 Disaster Update - Mexico Fires
CMG image 04-20-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-17 RefiNow Guideline Updates
CMG image 04-15-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-16 CMG Bulletin 2022-16 Disaster List Update- Mexico (Fire)
CMG image 04-13-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-15 Conventional Guideline Update
CMG image 04-06-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-14 Conventional Removed Min Loan Amounts-6400 Series Updates
CMG image 03-30-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-13 Disaster Watch Update- 6200 and 6600 Series COVID-19 Affidavit
CMG image 03-23-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-12 Disaster Updates OK -TX- RefiNow Reminders-Fannie Update on COVID Requirement for Self-Employee
CMG image 03-16-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-11 Conventional Guidelines (Freddie Mac) Program Updates- Medical Professional Program Updates
CMG image 03-09-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-10 Fannie & Freddie Desktop Appraisal Reminder-4506 Changes
CMG image 03-02-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-09 Fannie Freddie NEW LLPAs Second Home and High Balance-Reminder-4506 Changes
CMG image 02-16-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-08 Clarification of FHA Departing Resident- JumboA, Jumbo Express, Solar Express and Solar Jumbo Express COVID Clarifications-Medical Professional Updates and Changes to 4506
CMG image 01-19-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-04 Disaster Update-Tennessee-Condo Reminder-Reminder AIO 801 WAB LIBOR Base Product
CMG image 02-09-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-07 Disaster Update-Freddie and Fannie Updates- Refi Possible Expand Eligibilities for AMI and Loan Seasoning
CMG image 02-02-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-06 Reminder MERS-Federal Income Tax Installment Agreement Clarification
CMG image 01-26-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-05 New Product-Medical Professional- Updates Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
CMG image 01-12-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-03 6200 Premier 6600 Expanded Series Updates- AIO 801 WAB LIBOR Base Product Reminder
CMG image 01-07-22 CMG Bulletin 2022-02 Disaster Update- Washington
CMG image 01-03-2022 CMG Bulletin 2022-01 Disaster Update- Colorado

CMG image 12-30-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-72 Disaster Update-Kentucky
CMG image 12-29-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-71 VA Loan Limits AIO Reminder-Deadline for Closing with 1-Month LIBOR index
CMG image 12-28-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-70 Disaster Update-Alabama- Disaster Update-Arkansas
CMG image 12-21-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-69 Disaster Update Kentucky-Conv Guidelines Condo Update-JumboA and Jumbo Express Series Loan Limit Updates
CMG image 12-15-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-68 Disaster Update-AIO Update Appraisal Requirements-Reminder AIO 1 Mth LIBOR Deadline
CMG image 12-14-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-67 Disaster Update-Midwest Storms
CMG image 12-08-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-66 AIO Update- Deadline for Closing with 1-Month LIBOR Index
CMG image 12-02-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-65 Impact of Loan Limits for 2022 Financing Type
CMG image 11-24-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-64 VA CashOut to 100 LTV- Min 600 FICO Freddie-AIO Updates- deadline to close LIBOR-801 WAB Series Updates -Reserve Requirement Correction
CMG image 11-23-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-63 Disaster Update Mississippi
CMG image 11-17-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-62 AIO Reserve Requirements for Borrowers with Multiple AIO Loans
CMG image 11-10-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-61 Fannie Mae Updates-FEMA Changes to Flood Insurance Requirements
CMG image 11-03-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-60 Disaster Update-Connecticut
CMG image 11-03-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-59 Jumbo Express Guideline Updates-Solar JumboA and Solar Express Updates-AIO 801 Series Updates
CMG image 10-27-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-58 FNMA Updates-FHLMC Updates
CMG image 10-20-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-57 Reminder-Temporary Conforming Loan Limits Increased-FNMA Condo Reserves-USDA Funds FY2022- AIO 801 MBI- Age of Appraisal
CMG image 10-13-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-56 Rescind Announcement VVOE Timing Requirements
CMG image 10-13-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-55 Temporary Conforming Loan Limits- Refi Possible-Home Possible Updates- 6200 and 6600 Series Updates
CMG image 10-06-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-54 VA Simultaneous Closings-6200 and 6600 Series Updates-AIO Index Change
CMG image 09-29-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-53 VVOE Timing Requirements-USDA Updates-USDA Annual Lapse in Funding
CMG image 09-27-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-52 Disaster Update Michigan and Pennsylvania
CMG image 09-22-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-51 Fannie Mae DU Updates- AIO Index Change- AIO NY Loans
CMG image 09-20-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-50 Disaster Update-New Jersey and California
CMG image 09-15-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-49 Disaster Policy Addendum- MS Counties Released from Strom Watch List-FNMA Credit Score Update
CMG image 09-13-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-48 Disaster Update NY-NJ-PA
CMG image 09-08-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-47 Disaster Update-North Carolina
CMG image 09-08-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-46 Fannie Mae Updates Freddie Mac LPA Enhancements
CMG image 09-07-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-45 Update and Reminder Hurricane IDA- Fire Situation and Disaster Policy
CMG image 09-02-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-44 Tropical Depression Ida Disaster Update- Suspension Many East Coast State- Update with RI Counties
CMG image 09-02-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-43 Tropical Depression Ida Disaster Update- Suspension Many East Coast State
CMG image 09-01-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-42 DU Enhancements-Market Based Assets COVID Restrictions No Longer Applicable
CMG image 08-30-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-41 FEMA Disaster Declarations
CMG image 08-25-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-40 Appraisal Delivery Requirements-Fannie DU Updates Coming Soon-WAB 801 AIO Updates
CMG image 08-18-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-39 FNMA-FHLMC COVID Policy Updates- Reminder Flood Insurance Escrow Requirements
CMG image 08-11-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-38 Fannie Mae Updates-Freddie Mac Updates
CMG image 07-28-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-37 DACA Reminder
CMG image 07-26-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-36 Disaster Update- Michigan and Louisiana
CMG image 07-21-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-35 VA circular 26.21.11 -Freddie Mac Updates- AIO and GSE Overlays Updates
CMG image 07-14-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-34 Premier Non QM 7200 and Expanded Non QM Retirement- Fannie Asset Documentation and Age of Appraisal
CMG image 07-07-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-33 Jumbo Express Enhancements- FHA Mortgagee Letter 2021-16
CMG image 06-23-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-32 FHA Student Loans- REFINOW Updates-Conventional Conforming and Revised QM
CMG image 06-22-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-31 Updated and Reminders for COVID-19 Requirements
CMG image 06-18-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-30 New Juneteenth Federal Holiday
CMG image 06-02-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-29 GSEs Revised QM Rule- IMAGIN Retired- Disaster Update WV- FHA ML 2021-29
CMG image 05-27-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-28 Imagin Product Retirement
CMG image 05-26-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-27 Purchase Contract-Unique Buyer Scenarios- Lock Desk Updates Disaster List Update-Tennessee Fannie 2021 AMI-JumboA Updates-USDA Reminders
CMG image 05-19-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-26 Non-QM Relaunch-Premier 7200 and Expended 7600 Series
CMG image 05-12-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-25 EMPI Product Retirement-FHFA GSEs Announce Low Income Refi- Post Closing Reminder VVOE Non-Agency-Freddie Updates
CMG image 05-07-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-24 Jumbo A Express and Solar LLPA Changes
CMG image 05-05-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-23 Freddie Mac LLPA Messaging Updates-Disaster Update Alabama-Energy Related Escrow Repair Guideline
CMG image 04-29-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-22 Kentucky Disaster Update- Temporary Suspension of Jumbo Express
CMG image 04-26-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-21 JumboA-Jumbo Express Solar Options-Fannie Freddie Announce End Date COVID-19 App Flexibilities
CMG image 04-21-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-20 VA Circular 26-21-8: Expanded Home Loan Eligibility Based on National Guard Services
CMG image 04-14-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-19 Freddie Mac Updates- Re-Introducing the Flex Jumbo 6400 Series
CMG image 04-07-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-18 VA COVID Flexibilities Expire-IRS Extends Deadline-USDA Max Loan Amt- Property Tax Reminder
CMG image 03-31-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-17 JumboA Jumbo Express Commercial Rental Income AIO WAB 5 YR Fixed
CMG image 03-17-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-16 Disaster Update- Reminder-USDA Handbook- Freddie Update-Open End Accts- POA Update- JumboA and Express - Update to AIO
CMG image 03-10-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-15 CMG Bulletin 2021-15 Reminder: Solar Not Permitted on JUMBOA and Express Series
CMG image 03-03-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-14 VA Cert of Eligibility enhancement to streamline Income Verification Income- COVID-19 Extensions FHA & USDA
CMG image 03-01-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-13 Texas Disaster Updates
CMG image 02-24-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-12 Oklahoma Disaster Updates
CMG image 02-23-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-11 Temporary Disaster Area Guidance for FEMA DR-4586TX
CMG image 02-23-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-10 Texas Disaster Updates
CMG image 02-22-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-09 Texas Disaster Updates
CMG image 02-19-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-08 CMG 4506C Requirements
CMG image 02-17-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-07 Fannie Mae Updates- Multiple Topics GSE COVID-19 Flexibility Extension
CMG image 02-10-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-06 Freddie Updates Multiple Topics- Reminder: VA Cash-Out Seasoning
CMG image 02-03-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-05 New Product- JumboA and Jumbo Express- Reminder-Private Flood Ins NOT FHA Acceptable- AIO Updates
CMG image 01-27-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-04 Disaster Updates-Fannie Mae Freddie Mac COVID-19 Updates-Home Possible 2-4 Unit Max LTV-AIO ADU
CMG image 01-21-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-03 FHA to Permit DACA Status Recipients to Apply for FHA Insured Mortgages
CMG image 01-20-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-02 Conv Conforming SOFR ARMs Release- Fannie Mae Updates- Multiple Topics
CMG image 01-13-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-01 Fannie FAQ-Disaster Updates-FHA Manufac Home-FHA Total SC 4.0- COVID Ext

CMG image 12-23-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-84 USDA Reminder-Impact of Lapse in Funding
CMG image 12-16-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-83 2021 Loan Limits- USDA FY Funding and Conditional Commitment Notice- Disaster Updates
CMG image 12-09-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-82 2021 Loan Limits- Fannie Mae COVID-19 FAQs Updated S-E
CMG image 11-30-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-81 New Conforming Loan Limits
CMG image 11-25-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-80 Self-Employed Doc Reminder-FHA Updates-Disaster Updates
CMG image 11-18-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-79 GSE Revisions to Self-Employment Requirements and Extension of COVID Related Flexibilities
CMG image 11-12-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-78 Fannie-Freddie Condo Updates- FHA COVID-19 Reminders
CMG image 11-04-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-77 FHA Desktop Appraisal- Disaster Updates- USDA Extends Temp Exceptions- AIO Updates
CMG image 10-30-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-76 Hurricane Zeta Disaster Update
CMG image 10-28-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-75 Hurricane Zeta Disaster Update
CMG image 10-28-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-74 VVOE Timelines Updates & GSE COVID-19 Flexibilities Extended
CMG image 10-21-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-73 Choosing LPMI vs EPMI or IMAGIN- Freddie Mac Updates Bulletin 2020-38
CMG image 10-19-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-72 Disaster Updates- California and Louisiana
CMG image 10-14-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-71 Disaster Updates- FHA Temporary Waiver for Disaster Inspections- Reminder: Seller Contributions- USDA Lapse In Funding
CMG image 10-12-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-70 Disaster Updates- Louisiana Parishes and Mississippi Counties
CMG image 10-08-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-69 Hurricane Delta Suspension- Louisiana Parishes
CMG image 10-07-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-68 FHA Disputed Derogatory Credit Reminders
CMG image 09-30-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-67 Disaster Updates-GSEs Extend Temporary COVID-19 Flexibilities
CMG image 09-23-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-66 Disaster Updates-MS, AL, FL, WA- USDA COVID FAQs- USDA Annual Lapse in Funding- AIO Clarifications
CMG image 09-16-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-65 Hurricane Sally Disaster Updates
CMG image 09-16-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-64 Oregon Disaster Update
CMG image 09-16-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-63 FHA UW Guidelines Mtg Forbearance- 6200-6600 Series Updates- LIBOR ARM Retirement
CMG image 09-15-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-62 Hurricane Sally Suspensions and Other Disaster Updates
CMG image 09-14-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-61 Disaster Updates- Louisiana, Oregon, Washington
CMG image 09-09-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-60 Disaster Clarifications- COVID-19 Temporary Closure of County Recorders
CMG image 09-08-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-59 Disaster-Update Iowa
CMG image 09-04-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-58 Disaster Update- Louisiana
CMG image 09-02-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-57 Laura Update- Fannie Freddie Extend COVID-19 Flexibilities- Post-Disaster- VA IRRRL Recoup
CMG image 08-31-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-56 Hurricane Laura- Update to Disaster Area 8-31
CMG image 08-27-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-55 Hurricane Laura-Update to Disaster Area
CMG image 08-26-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-54 Hurricane Laura-Texas and Louisiana
CMG image 08-26-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-53 6200-6600 Jumbo Returns- AIO Clarifi-Asset Depletion-Multiple AIO loans-Structure NOO
CMG image 08-25-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-52 Disaster List-Counties Added FEMA Individual Assistance CA and Iowa
CMG image 08-24-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-51 Disaster Reminders- Tropical Storms and Fires
CMG image 08-04-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-50 Reminder-FHA Rental Income and Self Employed Income Temporary Requirements
CMG image 07-30-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-49 FHA Revised Effective Date- Rental Income and Self Employed Income Temp Requirements
CMG image 07-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-48 FHA Update- Rental Income and Self-Employed Income Temporary Requirements
CMG image 07-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-47 Update- FHA Debt in Forbearance- Conv Non-Mtg Debt in Forbearance
CMG image 07-22-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-46 Conv Non-Mtg Debt in Forbearance- GSEs exted COVID Guidance- July 15 Tax Deadline
CMG image 07-15-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-45 USDA FAQ Forbearance- July 15 Tax Reminder- FHA Underwriters Webinar on Mtg Credit
CMG image 07-14-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-44 Disaster List Update- Michigan and Utah
CMG image 07-08-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-43 New Update FHA Transactions and Debt in Forbearance
CMG image 07-08-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-42 FHA Extends COVID-19 Requirements- USDA Extension of Exceptions COVID-19- Reminders GSEs COVID-19 and Variable Income- VA Published Guidance Forbearance
CMG image 07-07-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-41 Update-FHA Transactions and Debt in Forbearance
CMG image 07-02-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-40 GSEs Fannie-Freddie Address COVID-19 and Variable Income
CMG image 07-01-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-39 CMG Bulletin VA Publishes Circular Addressing Borrowers in Forebearance
CMG image 06-24-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-38 GSE's Extend Application Dates for COVID-19- Home Possible 2020 AMI Limits Announced- AIO Loan Changes
CMG image 06-17-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-37 New at CMG Correspondent Lending- E-Notes FAQ- Fannie / Freddie Asset Documentation- Home Ready Income Limits Changing June 20th
CMG image 06-10-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-36 Expectations Docs Due to COVID-19- New GSE COVID-19 FAQs- HomeReady Max LTV for Fannie Owned Refi
CMG image 06-03-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-35 Reminder: Self Employed Fannie-Freddie COVID19- VA Pre-Discharge Claim Pending- All In One #801 WAB Guideline Updates
CMG image 05-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-34 Assessing the Impact of COVID-19, Business Income Calculation Adjustment, Business Assets
CMG image 05-28-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-33 Reminder of Critical Details of GSE Refinance and Home Purchase Eligibility for Borrower in Forebearance, Reminder- Borrowers Returning to Work, Reminders- Appraisal Flexibilities
CMG image 05-21-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-32 Disaster Update- Michigan
CMG image 05-20-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-31 GSE Forbearance- VA Updated COVID-19- Critical Reminders Appraisal Flexibilities- FHA COVID Extensions
CMG image 05-19-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-30 GSE Refinance and Home Purchase Eligibility for Borrowers in Forbearance
CMG image 05-15-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-29 Disaster Update- South Carolina
CMG image 05-13-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-28 Fannie Freddie COVID-19 Updates- USDA Income Limits Handbook Updates- Disaster Updates-Mississippi
CMG image 05-06-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-27 Impact of Mortgage Forbearance or Deferment- Appraisal Flexibility- VA and Secondary Financing
CMG image 05-05-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-26 Disaster Updates - South Carolina
CMG image 04-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-25 Disaster Update - Tennessee
CMG image 04-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-24 Income Employment Stability- Impact Mortgage Non-mortgage Forbearance or Deferment- Freddie upcoming income Requirements and LPA Messaging Update COVID-19
CMG image 04-21-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-23 Disaster Updates- Mississippi
CMG image 04-20-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-22 Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Updates- Reminder-FHA Acceptable Flood Insurance Policy
CMG image 04-13-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-21 Disaster Update, DU Release Note,s VAUpdates Guidelines for Appraisal Flexibility
CMG image 04-06-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-20 TWN VVOE Clarification & Other COVID-19 Related Updates & FAQ
CMG image 04-01-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-19 VVOE Clarifications- GSE Investor Designation Appraisal Flexibility-Fanne and Freddie UW guidelines COVID-19
CMG image 03-31-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-18 FHA Re-verification of Employment- FHA Exterior-Only and Desktop-Only COVID-19
CMG image 03-27-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-17 Tax Transcript Delays-VA Issues Lender Guidance COVID-19-VA Valuation Practices During COVID-19- USDA Temporary Exceptions to Appraisal and VVOE
CMG image 03-23-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-16 Fannie-Freddie Guidance to COVID-19- Freddie Bulletin 2020-05, Fannie Lending FAQ- Freddie and Fannie Temp Appraisal
CMG image 03-23-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-15 Non-Agency Temporary Program Suspension- Income Stability Continuance of Income- Verification of Employment- Title Gap Coverage- Tax Filing extension- USDA Revisions
CMG image 03-19-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-14 Non-Agency Temporary Program Suspensions
CMG image 03-18-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-13 FHA Response- VA Relief for those impacted by COVID-19- USDA Continuity of Operations- Appraisal Waivers-Title Coverage Gap- Servicing and etc.
CMG image 03-11-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-12 Freddie Mac/LPA Updates
CMG image 03-06-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-11 Tennessee Disaster Update- FEMA Declare Disaster for Individual Counties
CMG image 03-05-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-10 Tennessee Tornadoes- Disaster Policy Reminder
CMG image 03-04-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-09 Reminder Non Credit Qualifying FHA Streamline VA IRRRLs- DU Loans with EPMI - Prime Jumbo 6800 Series Update
CMG image 02-26-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-08 Clarification VA IRRRLs
CMG image 02-19-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-07 Retirement of CMG's VA IRRRL QM Policy
CMG image 02-12-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-06 Transition of LIBOR ARM to SOFOR ARM- Suspension of Jumbo Hybrid LIBOR ARMS
CMG image 02-05-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-05 Updated Fraud Alert, USDA Handbook 3555.1 Updates, CMG to allow VA New Assisted Appraisal Processing Program
CMG image 01-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-04 Release of Fannie Mae's HomeStyle Energy
CMG image 01-22-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-03 Conventional Conforming Underwriting Reminder-SFC Codes
CMG image 01-15-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-02 Non Agency Guideline Updates- Flex Jumbo 6400 Updates- Hybrid E-Closing
CMG image 01-08-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-01 VA Circular 26-19-33 New 2020 VA Max Loan Amount


CMG image CMG ATR/QM Policy
CMG image CMG Affiliated Worksheet
CMG image CMG Income Calc Worksheet
CMG image CMG - RESPA - Reg X Policy
CMG image CMG TIL - Homeownership
CMG image CMG TIL - Loan Originator
CMG image A Full Copy of CFPB Rules
CMG image Takeaways from CFPB on Discount Points
CMG image HUD Final Rules
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  • Forms
    CMG image CMG Conventional Condo Requirements
    CMG image ATR Ability To Repay-Income & Debt Worksheet
    CMG image Contents of Collateral File
    CMG image Correspondent Lending Loan Submission Checklist
    CMG image Non-Agency Loan Submission Procedures
    CMG image Power of Attorney Checklist
    CMG image CMG 2-4 Unit- Detached Condo-Attached PUD Submission Checklist
    CMG image FHA Submission Guide Checklist
    CMG image VA Project-Level Submission Checklist
    CMG image 2-4 Unit Detached PUD Questionnaire (N/A for FHA)
    CMG image FHA-Form HUD 9991-for loan Level (approved projects) and Single Unit Approvals
    CMG image FHA-Form HUD 9992-for Full HARP Project Approvals
    CMG image VA Condo Questionnaire
    CMG image Trailing Final Documents Transmittal
    CMG image Condominium Questionnaire
    CMG image Conventional Condominium/PUD Warranty
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    CMG image Multi State Borrower Benefit Worksheet
    CMG image CO Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet
    CMG image MD Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet
    CMG image ME Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet
    CMG image SC Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet
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